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In the third book of this thrilling fantasy series a twelve-year-old nonbinary knight-in-training, a reluctant crown prince, a fierce young witch, and her troubled twin brother fight for the heart of their kingdom in a medieval world of dragons and magic.

Being a hero is nothing like the ballads promised it would be. Scattered across the realm, Callie, Willow, Elowen and Edwyn have learned that when the fate of their world is at stake, choices are hard and the consequences are harder, even when striving for good. 

Hunted by both Helston and Dumoor, Callie and Willow flee to the walled city of Fairkeep in a last ditch effort to find allies. Meanwhile, Elowen grapples with a battle between her heart and her ambition at Alis’s side as the Witch Queen’s new protégé, and Edwyn, desperate to prove himself as brave as his friends, accepts a mission that take him back to the source of his nightmares: Home. Helston. 

Faced with the reality of an impossible war, each are forced to confront the very parts of themselves they fear the most, and each must do it alone. But how can the four champions find the truth within a kingdom founded on lies?


Cover Art by Kate Sheridan

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